Sundaraijal Children's Home

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Sundaraijal Children's Home project is for homeless, glue addicted streetchildren, aged between 5 and 14 years old. Founder is Ram Hari.

Sundaraijal Children's Home   Ram Hari Khadka

B.P. Chowk - 44603   Sundarijal, NP-BA, NEPAL - +32.476487763 -

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Children's Home

Sundaraijal Children's Home is a small project, where currently 20 children aged between 5 and 14 years old are living. Some of the children have lived on the street for many years and were addicted to glue or at risk to get addicted to glue. All the children had a very difficult past life where they have suffered a lot. Most of them couldn’t go to school at all. Now the children stay over in the Sundaraijal Children's Home; they go to school, they have a shelter, they get enough food and clothes and there is structure in their life's. And last but not least: the children get a lot of attention, love and care from their caretakers.


Ram Hari has found some individual sponsors for the project, some of them donating structurally, others incidentally . There are also sponsors who support one child from the children’s home. The donation for a child is €50,00 per month. For the progress of the project and a structural relief of the children, continuity is very important. This continuity isn't there at this moment.

The intention is to integrate this project in the village of Sundraijal and to involve the local government and people within the project. Maybe the project can also do something for the local villagepeople.


The kids from Sundaraijal Children's Home have learned from their past to survive in difficult circumstances. They have developed capabilities that other children of their age don't have. A lot of these capabilities are now hidden in their unconscious mind. Ram Hari likes to make these capabilities be conscious again. He likes to develop them more and give the children possibilities to express their creative abilities, to create a kind of "Artist School". This school will be open in holiday time and the children can discover and develop their qualities. In the Artist School several workshops will be taught, like cooking, wood crafting, music and dance, theatre, sewing and pottery.

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